tfw when high and at a family reunion

  • great aunt i've never heard of: oh my god i haven't seen you in so long!!! you look like you've grown a foot!
  • me: where

W.&L.T. spring—summer 1996.
Show:July 1995 at the Lido, Paris, FranceSetting: The famous Lido Night Club in Paris. Parts of the Lido show were included in the Fashion Show. The show started with 15 minutes of images from the CD-rom, and ended with all 120 models partying on stage. Image:THE SEXY WALT KILLER: couriers of the year 2013, gliding through the obsessive race of any multiracial metropolis on their superzappy atomic bikes, at a silent but aggressive pace, their lustrous bodies revealed in all their strength, their gazes hidden behind protective screens, their heads covered in spectacularly sculptured wigs.Their ‘Dress to kill-look’ has one universal icon: the omnipresent shark rising from the abyss with the impact of many lethally dangerous designs.THE ASTRAL TRAVELLER: The white ethereal bodies of a bunch of transgalactic tourists from Outer Space, their shiny eyes staring in wonder, their shaved heads covered in light.Using their Astral Travel Card, they can see this Blue Planet with a new poetic wonder full a-vision. They marvel at the love-making of ladybirds or the vital cuteness of flesh-eating different ethnic cultures, adding them up on their Souvenir T-shirts.Phonetic writings bridge communication with the locals…ENTER: 4D-Hi-D (read Heidi): Pretty faces behind a mask. They all send a message, but oh dear, it’s so impolite! Our lovable girl and her friends decided to show their True Nature. Even cute little Bambi and Holy Cow, she’s gone purple! This is a Bavarian Kick gone wild: a Digital Orgasm!And what’s that spaceship, lurking from behind pure snow-capped mountain peaks? Is Heidi being followed by Aliens? Indeed! The true story can be found in every print…Invitation: Small transparent plastic bag with a voice module saying: ‘Wild and Lethal Trash’ and ‘Kiss the Future!’.

i saved you

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